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Atherton Communications, LLC, was founded in 1994 by Kent Atherton, a highly respected industry veteran with more than 25 years experience in sports media and event management on a national level. Find out more about Atherton Communications' Expertise and Leadership, browse some of the Events created and managed by Atherton-led companies, explore our Blimp Marketing program, and then Contact Us to find out how Atherton Communications can help you with your needs.




Mr. Atherton has spearheaded the launch of four new sports marketing companies active in the creation, management and sponsorship marketing of televised collegiate events, professional sports broadcasts and online content.

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Atherton-led companies have created and managed many world class sporting events.  Whether your needs include media, event management or marketing, Atherton Communications can help.

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Blimp Marketing provides a new platform for advertisers. The sky is literally the limit for broadcasting capabilities; the screen can show commercials, movie trailers, live concerts or music videos, text messaging and instant replays.

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